TMC, December 7

Greetings, readers! It’s Thursday, and it’s December, and it’s time for The Montana Conservationist. This issue:

  • The project that started it all (in 310 world, that is) has finally been completed. After 40 years and $1.6 million (in restoration) Big Spring Creek in Lewistown has been restored to its original meandering channel.
  • Intermountain West Joint Venture writes in with an interesting workshop / project in the Beaverhead, where they are stacking rocks (maybe there’s more to it?) to restore wet meadows in sagebrush land.
  • An FWP biologist has tracked the source of walleye that were illegally planted in Swan Lake. The clue was in the ear bones, apparently.
  • A UM study has analyzed the effect of mountain pine beetles on Montana sawmills, and concludes that the sooner salvage logs can be harvested, the more useful they are
  • La Niña has set in for this winter, and that should mean plenty of snow for Montana this year (but looking at my backyard right now, I’m definitely skeptical)
  • NACD updates us on government affairs they’re working on, including keeping the doors open tomorrow
  • And Laura Nowlin of the Musselshell Watershed Coalition writes in about the challenges their area has faced in recent years (floods and fires, oh my!), and the inspiring ways the community has come together to solve those problems

The finer details are in this week’s edition of The Montana Conservationist: TMC 2017-12-07