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MACD and SWCDM have merged. Visit for the most up to date information.

The SWCDM Board of Directors is appointed by the members of the MACD Board of Directors. The SWCDM Board consists of:

  1. One ex officio director, with vote, who shall be the vice president of MACD.
  2. Three MACD Board members to be elected by the Voting Members.
  3. Three members that are elected by the Voting Members from a pool of interested current conservation district supervisors.

Mike Hansen, Chair | Gallatin CD |

Jeff Wivholm, Vice Chair | Sheridan CD |

Gene Evans, Secretary/Treasurer | Dawson CD |

Dean Rogge, Garfield CD |

John Anderson, Ruby Valley CD |

Roger Hybner, Carbon CD |

Roddy Rost, Little Beaver CD |


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