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The Montana Conservation Menu is a website designed by SWCDM to host information on the myriad conservation programs in Montana.

We know that there are a ton of programs available to help landowners implement conservation work on their land, but sometimes it can be hard to find information on those programs. It can also be hard for some agencies to advertise their programs, and information is often buried deep on government websites.

We set out to fix that by bringing all of that information from non-profits and federal, state, and local agencies onto one easy to use the website. The programs are sortable by the target resource, as well as by the type of assistance they offer (cost-share, technical assistance, etc), and by the agencies that offer them. There are dozens of more specific tags to find programs as well, and everything is searchable by keyword. Plus, programs are updated and added on a regular basis, so there is always new information to find.

Check out the website here:

For content additions or suggestions, contact Kate Arpin at

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