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Pollinators, both native and domestic, are key to the continued productivity of many agricultural crops as well as the health and beauty of our landscapes. Healthy pollinator habitat may also enhance soil health and fertility, improve water quality, control agricultural pests, and support wildlife populations. Pollinator populations have declined because of disease, parasites, exposure to pesticides, loss of forage to herbicide use, and degradation of food sources; and human activity is able to mitigate these stresses by enhancing the number and diversity of flowering plants in our environment.


MACD and SWCDM have resolved to continue their support of pollinator projects in part through education and outreach materials emphasizing the relationship between pollinators and agriculture. Below, find links to ongoing projects that can help you develop ideas for your own pollinator project, resources and organizations to assist you with carrying out those projects, and funding sources to get them off the ground.

If you have a pollinator project that you want to undertake but aren’t sure how to proceed, contact your local NRCS office for suggestions on plant selection and planting instruction. Consider partnering with your local conservation district and contacting DNRC to receive funding support. With your help, pollinator forage and habit can expand and improve, one planting at a time.

A native bee on a patch of flowers. Photo by Aaron Clausen

Pollinator Projects

Projects, completed or underway, that are benefiting pollinators in the state of Montana. If you have a pollinator success story you’d like to share, contact

Fields and acreage


Establishing a Pollinator Garden or Planting

Technical and informational resources to guide your pollinator planting project.


Find additional resources and expanded explanations on SWCDM’s Conservation Menu webpage.

Arrowleaf balsamroot on Mt. Helena. Photo by Beau Downing

Further Resources

Links to organizations and agencies that can further assist or educate your pollinator conservation efforts.

Montana Natural Heritage Program

Natural Resources and Conservation Service

Pollinator Partnership

US Fish & Wildlife Services

The Xerces Society

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