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Fences built on Dick Iversen’s place on the Missouri River.

When the floods of 2011 hit the Iversen’s place on the Missouri River, they lost a lot of land to either erosion or sand deposition. But they noticed two things after the floods: first, the banks with trees fared much better and had less erosion than the banks without trees; and, second, the areas that flooded the worst were sprouting up a lot of new cottonwood seedlings. Dick estimates that there are over 200 acres of new cottonwoods that he is now trying to manage.

To protect both his streambanks and these cottonwood regeneration areas, Dick decided to install new fences (and replace those lost) along the river pastures in order to better control grazing in his riparian areas. In some places, the fences are to keep cattle out of regeneration areas, and in others he will control grazing to manage for balanced regeneration. Dick also installed a water tank to help manage river access in these pasture areas.

In all, the Iversens have three to four miles of river frontage where grazing will be managed through riparian pastures. The entire project cost the Iversens upwards of $30,000, which was made much more affordable by the 50% cost-share provided by the Ranching for Rivers program.

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