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MACD and SWCDM have merged. Visit for the most up to date information.

Visit for information on the Montana Soil Health Symposium

The 2021 Soil Health Symposium has been canceled. Stay tuned for upcoming information on our February 2022 event!

Soil is an essential component of land resources, agricultural development, and forest sustainability. It is the basis for food, feed, fuel, and fiber production. Additionally, it serves many other critical functions to sustain air, water, and ecosystem health. Protecting and conserving this vital resource is at the core of conservation districts’ mission.

Each year, SWCDM, in partnership with NRCS, hosts soil health workshops in various locations across Montana. In 2020 SWCDM and NRCS began hosting the Annual Soil Health Symposium, a 2-day event full of agricultural speakers and opportunities for producers to share their experience.

Soil Health Resources

Interested in Hosting a Soil Health Event and Looking for info on Speakers, Websites, and Funding?

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