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Welcome to our WordPress Training page!

Here you’ll find the presentation files from the training, links to great WordPress resources, and example content that you can use to practice working on your site.

I’d first like to point out that this is a PAGE, which is a custom post type whose date stamp doesn’t matter much. You can see an example of a regular post here, and an example of a blog roll (post list) here. Notice how the date the post was published is an important component of the blog roll.

If I created an MACDNET.ORG site for you, here is the login information: Username: Training Password: WordPress101! These sites will be deleted a month after the training, unless you want to keep it for your CD, in which case I’ll give you different login credentials.

Presentation File

WordPress 101

Read This

Easy WP Guide. Just like it sounds. A full, easy, guide to everything WordPress. Go there, download it, read it. Heck, print it out if you like!

Some WordPress Sites to look at:

Study these and see what they’re doing. What do you like about their sites? What don’t you like? What would work for your organization? How have they organized content? Can you find what you’re looking for?

Madison Conservation District | Park Conservation District | Beaverhead Watershed Committee | Montana Stockgrowers Association

Awwwards Best WordPress Websites

The New Yorker | The New York Times Company | The Rolling Stones | Malala Yousefzai

WordPress Blogs I Like

WP Beginner


Elegant Themes

Other Great Resources

Pixlr online photo editing

Skillcrush Internet Bootcamp. A lesson emailed to you each morning for 10 days. You’ll start with the difference between The Web and The Internet, and end by learning some code! Tech fears be banished! If you need to create a page and see how it will look with text on it, but you haven’t written the text, use this Hipster Text generator. It’s hilarious!

What WordPress Theme Is That? Found a great site? Want to know how to replicate it easily? This handy tool will get you there fast.

Also, this blog post features a lot of other great WordPress resources. It’s focused for developers, but there’s plenty that you can use too!


Check back, as if I think of more, I’ll add them here!


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