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Term Endeavors Include:

 1) Community outreach and education initiatives

 2) Building educational curriculum

 3) Improving and building host site programmatic procedures


Abby grew up in several states on the east coast and in the midwest, sparking a love for exploring new environments across the country. After graduating with a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Alfred University in 2016, she headed out west to study new and exciting ecosystems! From the Rocky Mountains to the Cascade volcanoes, Abby has worked as a Science Educator for non-profits in Wyoming and Washington teaching K-12 students about their home environment through inquiry-based, outdoor learning. In between, she jumped into field science as a Biological Science Technician with the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center, conducting vegetation assessments in the park and water quality analysis of the Upper Yellowstone Watershed. Abby is excited to continue her passion for aquatic ecology and education as a 2020 BSWC member for the Flathead Lake Bio Station host site. In addition to growing professionally, she hopes to also take time to go hiking, acquire more house plants, put puzzles together, and spend long days on Flathead Lake!

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