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Term Endeavors Include:

 1) Assist with restoration projects, field collections and monitoring

 2) Community outreach and education initiatives

 3) Volunteer recruitment, training, and retention


Brooke grew up hiking in the Appalachian Mountains and building fairy houses out of acorns and twigs in her New Jersey backyard. She received a BA in Philosophy & Law and an MA in Environmental Studies from the University of Southern California. Brooke spent the past few years exposing herself to a multitude of conservation-oriented perspectives— including spending a semester in Botswana, farming in Alaska, and leading hiking trips around California. She hopes to encourage nature users to use land and water in a way that ensures beauty for future generations. Brooke enjoys looking at the stars, backpacking, and saving spiders from untimely deaths. As a member of the Big Sky Watershed Corps, Brooke is excited to be serving the Gallatin Watershed Council in Bozeman.

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