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The Montana Conservationist

This week in the Montana Conservationist:

  • The Montana Rangelands Partnership’s Rangeland Technicians check in with the work they’ve been doing since starting in April
  • DEQ and Trout Unlimited are partnering to clean up mine waste along a portion of the Little Blackfoot drainage.
  • Northeastern Montana really digs its dinosaurs, dam. (headline taken directly because the comma placement was too good).
  • FWP is testing fish in the Missouri & Smith rivers for the parasite that caused thousands of fish deaths in the Yellowstone, although there’s no evidence the parasite has travelled.
  • NRCS has made improvements to the Conservation Stewardship Program, which is the nation’s largest conservation program.
  • The Rocky Mountain Front Weed Roundtable reports on work done through a Conservation Innovation Grant to change the way we address noxious weed management.

All of that, and more of course! In this week’s The Montana Conservationist: TMC-2016-09-08

Kate Arpin

Kate is the Communications and Technology Manager for Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana. She manages the website, puts out The Montana Conservationist every other week, and assists conservation districts with technology, websites, and communications.

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