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The Montana Conservationist, August 5

Ah, yes. The Montana Conservationist.

This week we ask, just how low does fracking go? (And we answer too). Then there’s a round of hand-shaking with the Swiss, and confirmation on just how sweet Montana is (apparently, not as sweet as North Dakota). Plus we’ve got an entertaining story about plants freaking out when they get stressed (just like the rest of us), and a comparison of what the US and France do to compensate for stresses on livestock. Round all of that out with a chat with our favorite next president (of MACD, that is), and you’ve got one darn good issue of The Montana Conservationist.

Catch up on all the fun here.

Kate Arpin

Kate is the Communications and Technology Manager for Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana. She manages the website, puts out The Montana Conservationist every other week, and assists conservation districts with technology, websites, and communications.

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