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The Montana Conservationist December 20

Welcome to the last TMC of 2018! We’ll make this short, since we know you’ve got halls to deck, gay apparel to don, and fa-la-la-la-las to sing. This week:

  • The Montana Rangelands Partnership is shining a spotlight on the Franko Ranch in Prairie County for their stewardship work
  • Students from Simms and Lewistown are solving real-world problems with science in a national contest
  • An Oregon conservation district is using funds from an NACD Technical Assistance grant for administrative support. If all you want for Christmas is another set of hands in the office, this might be an idea for you!
  • The EPA has unveiled a new draft WOTUS rule. The new rule would remove ephemeral streams and ditches from Clean Water Act protections.
  • Last weekend, Ryan Zinke resigned from his post as Secretary of the Interior. PBS News Hour takes a look at how his tenure changed Interior Department Policies. For more coverage, The Hill has information on some of the leading contenders to replace him. The Missoulian has a look back at everything that happened during his term.
  • The Trump has announced a second round of tariff retaliation mitigation payments to farmers, and Successful Farming has 15 questions and answers about the payments.
  • Finally, AgriView reports on research on prairie strips, and how the practice can slow down water and soil movement, plus increase habitat for pollinators and wildlife.

All of that, plus there’s a whole stockings worth of grants, jobs, & opportunities! Read the Montana Conservationist this week: TMC 2018-12-20

Kate Arpin

Kate is the Communications and Technology Manager for Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana. She manages the website, puts out The Montana Conservationist every other week, and assists conservation districts with technology, websites, and communications.

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