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The Montana Conservationist, February 3

The Montana Conservationist, February 3

What do weed blasting, prairie dogs, Silicon Valley, and Laurie Zeller all have in common?

They’re all in this week’s edition of The Montana Conservationist, of course!

Highlights this week:

  • What do you get when you give a bunch of programmers 100 years of USDA data and a cash prize? Some pretty great apps for farmers.
  • There are a lot of ways to get rid of weeds, but if we had our choice between pulling, spraying, or blasting them, the latter certainly sounds like the most fun!
  • Madison CD has a new reason to drink (in a good way): a grant from New Belgium Brewing to support the Madison Stream Team.
  • According to a South Dakota study, prairie dogs do more than just engineer traps for your cattle: their presence affects the plant community as well.

Read all of that and more right here: TMC 2016-02-03

Kate Arpin

Kate is the Communications and Technology Manager for Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana. She manages the website, puts out The Montana Conservationist every other week, and assists conservation districts with technology, websites, and communications.

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